Key Clamp, Steel pipe Fittings In India
Key Clamp, Pvc Pipe Fittings In India

Square Tube Kee Fittings are the evolution of the standard round Tube kee fittings.The square shape gives a geometric and robust appearance that fits well in modern and sleek interiors.An additional advantage is that the square tube kee fittings cannot rotate around the tube and flat objects such as Furniture, and other Sqauer Tube structure are easy to assemble. The square tube kee fittings are cast from high-quality metal and then hot-dip galvanized to obtain good protection against rust and the elements.You can expect the same weather resistance from these square tube kee fittings as from the round tube kee fittings. The square tube kee fittings are available for 25.0mm & 40.0 mm square pipe. The tube kee fittings are very easy to use due to the integrated Allen screw.By just tightening the hardened set screws,the pipe coupling is securely attached to the pipe and you have a sturdy construction. All our pipe couplings are 'galvanized', or galvanized, according to the recognized TUV Certification 'BS EN ISO 1461' standard.This keeps your scaffolding tube project beautiful and rust-free for a long time.